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Dreamer #23 - Nabila

Last night I dreamed that I was at one of Justin Bieber’s concerts and he pulled me and my sister on stage to dance with him. Justin kept looking at me and then he walked over to me and started singing OLLG. We started slow dancing together. (AH!) Everyone watching the concert kind of just disappeared and now it was just me and Justin. He asked me to go on a date with him so I went back to my hotel to get changed but I was swarmed by paps! (There all wanted to know if Justin and I were dating.) Justin then swooped down to save me. How romantic. (; We ended up going to the rooftop and having dinner. Justin was so funny. I got to meet Ryan Butler! He just ran by for like, a second. Hahaha. 

I woke up shortly after that but before this dream, I was just a dan and not much more. Now I’m a fully-dedicated believer. <3 


Dreamer #22 - Hannah Shaw

I was at school, sitting at the lunch table during my dream. I was talking about something I had done that weekend when my friend had asked me for one of my cookies. I said, “Sorry, but even if Justin Bieber came here, sat down next to me, flashed me one of those killer smiles, and asked me for one of these cookies, I would say no. “I looked over and there he was, sitting next to me, flashing me a killer smile when he said, “Well, that sucks. I was really hoping for a cookie.” Right when I was going to say something my alarm went off. 

-Hannah Shaw

Dreamer #21 - Britney Bannister

Dream #1

One night I had a dream that Justin had come to my house but I wasn’t freaking out. It was like I’d known him forever. So, he was here, just handing out when I had gone outside. While I was outside, Justin was on my computer in my living room, singing. My sister was trying to open the side door but couldn’t see so she asked Justin for help but when he replied with, “Zaire, omg. DANG GIRL. You can open it yourself,” and he was yelling at her. I ran back in the house and asked why he kept screaming and he said, “your sisters dumb!”, and we laughed. I woke up from this dream laughing. It was hilarious. 

Dream #2 

I had a dream where I met Justin, but I was super calm. Like, I’d always thought I’d go nuts, but in my dream I didn’t. So, when I went up to him, he automatically fell in love with me. I don’t know why though… Anyway, he autographed my CD and left a note inside that said “Britney, you’re really pretty. Text me: 331-954-8426”. (I just made that number up so don’t bother calling it.) I didn’t believe it was really him so I called on private. It ended up actually being him! After that  day we ended up going on dates and he came to my house a bunch of times. If only this dream would come true… (; 

-Britney Bannister

Dreamer #20 - Leah (@jbiebsismylifee)

At the beginning of my dream I was going to a concert, but I was at the “pre-party”. 

My friends and I were just hanging out, but then a lady told me that I had VIP passes and I got to take two special friends with me on an “adventure”.

My two friends and I went with some guy to Justin Bieber’s hotel. We saw Justin on a balcony so we went up into the building to go find him. When we got to him, he was doing an interview.

We went down to the car again and Justin got in the car with us! Just before he showed up I was telling my friends about the cover he did of Ernie Halter’s song “Come Home to Me”. He said he gave it up to his “beautiful girlfriend.” I told them the whole story. My friends thought it was so cute. Justin heard me and he smiled. We started driving now. We slowed down to see someone busking on the streets like Justin did.

Soon after, my cousin woke me up. That was my dream. It was weird, but, yeah.


-Leah (@jbiebsismylifee)

Dreamer #19 - H-Salat

My dream was…

I was meeting Justin Bieber for the first time and I was so excited. My friends and I waited hours and hours to see this teen sensation.

When I finally got to see him, he looked into my eyes and said, “You’re beautiful, and I think we should hang out.” He gave me his number, and we went out to lunch. (Just me and him.)

He told me he wanted me to be in his new music video. I was so happy! We shot the video and then…

…my mom woke me up for school. I was so mad!

I really with Justin Bieber will see this and make my dream come true. (: #neversaynever!


Dreamer #18 - Claire (@beliebinswiftey)

So, I had a dream.

I was famous and I was at an interview. I was being interviewed and then out of nowhere, I see Justin Bieber in the front row laughing at all of my responses!

After the show he talked to me for a while and we got to know eachother. We eventually started dating. :)

-Claire (@beliebinswiftey) 

Dreamer #17 - Julia Preston

My “interesting” Justin Bieber dream:

So, in my dream, I was at Justins concert and I was asked to be his “One Less Lonely Girl”. On the inside I was freaking out but I tried to act cool about it. 

When he was singing to me on stage, he somehow whispered in my ear, asking me if I wanted to go on a date with him the next day. I said yes, of course.

So the next day he picked me up in a weird looking van thing? He wouldn’t tell me where he was taking me. The next thing I know, we’re standing by the open door of an air plane! (Skydiving on the first date? #Crazy.) Before I could even react, Scooter pushes me and Justin out of the plane. All I remember is screaming at the top of my lungs, and he was laughing his butt off. I honestly had no idea what was so funny because I thought I was going to die. Haha.

Anyways, once we got closer to the ground, he pulled my parachute and we both landed. Right when we hit the ground he pulled me closer too him, looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, and right before we were going to kiss, my cat jumped on me and woke me up!

So that was my Justin Bieber Dream. (:

-Julia Preston. <3 

Dreamer #16 - Shian (@BelieberOhBaby)

It all started out where me and Justin were at a circus. (That’s all I remember about that part of my dream). 

After the circus, Justin and I ended up at Wal-Mart buying Vitamin Water. After that, we ended up in front of the frozen food section of Wal-Mart in these chairs. When Justin hit his foot on something I said, “Oh! I will kiss it! (:” Instead of me kissing his foot, he kissed me!

Then my mom woke me up and I started yelling at her. I hate when that happens! All day at school that day I kept thinking about that dream and getting more and more dissappointed that it was just a dream. On top of that it might have been an even better dream if it hadn’t been disturbed by my mom.

And that is my Bieber Dream. (: I LOVE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER-4-LIFE!!<3

-Shian (@BelieberOhBaby)                                                                                    

Dreamer #15 - Mary Joy Alvar

Last night I had a dream about Justin Bieber. :)

My dream was like we were watching the concert, but we weren’t really watching it. We were also one of the performers. Wondering why I said “we”? ;) It’s because I’m not alone. From what I remember, I’m with my friend Mollan and two other girls. (I didn’t know who they were.)

Back to the dream: from what I remember we were all on the same stage with Justin eating lollipops and performing. There’s a climax to my dream! I hope no one hates me after reading this since it’s only a dream. 

Justin and I were sharing a lollipop and we kissed. (On the lips!) Gosh. I am so happy even though it’s just a dream. Then we talked, played, and we enjoyed each other’s company.

I’m usually just a belieber watching from afar but I was the “One Less Lonley Girl” in my dream! Tears started to fall because I was so happy and shocked. He said, “Come here! I have something important to give you.” Unfortunately because of the crowds screaming I didn’t understand what JB said. I walked over anyway and he gave me his number, skype, and introduced me to his mother. 

I woke up with a smile by my brother’s phone ringing really loud. (I was still thinking about the dream.)

-Mary Joy Alvar

Dreamer #14 - Anonymous

I was somewhere… I think it was like a talkshow directed by teenagers. I had one of these seats infront of the stage. Then someone said, “Everybody welcome… JUSTIN BIEBER!”

Woohoo… But there was no Justin! They said it again… Still no Justin! Where was he?! I became angry, so I stood up and went to the stairs where he should come down. I looked up… still no Justin! So I want upstairs and there he was. Finally. I smiled brightly. “JUSTIN! What are u doing?! We are all waiting for you! C’mon!”

Then suddenly he hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Come with me! I promise to love you forever!” Then I stared at him for a while. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I always had a feeling that if he would see me he would know that I’m his love. ;)

He took my hand and we ran. It became dark and we went somewhere I dont remember what it exactly was, but I think it was like a stock. We went in. We sat there and talked when suddenly a mans voice came up.

"HEY! What are you doing here?! Scram!" We ran away, laughing. A car was waiting for us. We went in. I was tired so I leaned on him. He said, "I will never let you go! You will be my one less lonely girl, forever!" I looked up and we kissed while we were smiling.

Suddenly we weren’t in my country anymore. We were in America! He said, “Come with me, I wanna show you something. :)”

BAM! I woke up. -.-